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XANWILL represents Partnerships, Honesty and Integrity with the belief that technology should be intelligently convenient, hence, focused all her RD and manufacturing in Smart Portable Wearable Electronics such as Mini Personal Portable Air Coolers, Anion air Purifier, Humidifier air conditioners, and Wearable e-scarf body Coolers and heaters. 
Xanwill provides top quality services to the electronics consumers markets in the area of Mini Portable Air Conditioners, Coolers, Heaters and Wearable body Thermal Heater/cooler.

XANWILL is authorized distributor for Das Keyboard, a brand of Metadot, makes high-quality mechanical keyboards. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas and is dedicated to delivering innovative technology products to increase productivity and lower costs. Developed in 2005, Das Keyboard has been praised by major media outlets, techie magazines, geeks and regular people who use and rely on keyboards to be productive throughout the workday. For more information, please visit


Our team also provides customized products solutions for ODM and OEM projects with facilities to Design, Quality Control, Development, Manufacturing and Logistics as Per Client’s custom requirements. 

We strive for mutual success & growth based on strong and professional partnerships with emphasis on quality, cost and delivery with sustained good quality.


Our mission has always been to provide new technology and excellent service to our world-wide distributors.  We constantly strive to deliver with new innovative designs to make product lines more competitive. 


Our motto is Make life intelligently convenient !