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    ANION Portable MINI personal Air Purifier Cooler Humidifier 

    * The Mini Air Conditioner is designed with PATENTED Water Leak proofed designed to avoid water leakage even when traveling in cars, camping or playground. 

    * Save energy this summer with the Mini PM2.5 Purifier Air Cooler with USB Powerbank battery runtime 5000 mAh runs upto 5-6 hours.

    * The ANION Air Purifier Cooler comes with a handle for convenience and mobility. Carry and Enjoy cool healthy air with you anywhere!

    * Enjoy healthy cool air with PM 2.5 purifier and tested Nano Silver yarn ag+ technology for cool healthy air. 

    * The Easily Changeable Honeycombed Filter for the Air Conditioner is designed for easy and clean handling. 

    * Quick setup by adding water and connecting with USB power source to Enjoy Cooling Refreshing Air anywhere!



    * Air Cooler - natural cooling air for your personal working, sleeping, and traveling area.

    * Air Humidifier - allows easy breathing, improved comfort during sleep and benefits the health of your skin. 

    * Air Purifier - filters out dust, allergens and pollen particles for better easy breathing and health.

    Easy setup: Add water, Connect to USB power source and Enjoy Cool Healthy Air!

    Water Leak-Proof Design - Patented special water supply architecture that prevent water leakage during Transportation. 

    Nano Silver Yarns with Ag+ filters out air pollutants. 

    Changeable Filter - Simple maintenance with easy quick changeable filter.

    Energy Saving - operate with USB power source or Powerbank. 



    Covering spaceMaximum cooling upto 2 sq. meters of space

    Reducing temperature 4–12°C for temperature reduction depending on the humidity level.

    Effective distance40-60 cm

    Noise level50 dB while in high speed wind

    Dimensions: L 151mm * W 145mm * H 136mm

    Weight680grams (Without water)

    Power Supply/Power consumption5V DC, Micro USB, 1A/ 5W

    Water tank capacity200ml, for 3-3.5 hours

    Cooling filter replacement time3 months (Replaceable Option)

    Connector portMicro USB connector

    Suggested power bank capacityWith power bank rated capacity of 5000mAh, run time will be up to 5-6 hours