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  • Product #:E~Scarf
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  • Details:
    E-Scarf Cooler + Heater” is a Health enhancement Wearable Personal Cooler + Heater for all weather and seasons. 

    *The E-Scarf Cooler + Heater is best in summer to wear around the neck to enjoy cool chilling body cooler thermal refrigeration cooling system. 
    *The E~Scarf cools the body temperature and is best in summer to enjoy personal body cooling with chilling spine relaxing body cooler system. 
    *in winter, turn the E~Scarf into a personal body Heater around your neck to warm your body and enjoy the muscle relaxing function from the E~Scarf heater/cooler.
    *Enjoy spine muscle relaxing therapy from the E~Scarf heater/cooler that relaxes the muscle all through the spine to allow for painless relaxing back. 
    *Connect to USB power bank and enjoy E~Scarf Cooing Chill or Warm Heater muscle relaxer. 
    *Wear E~Scarf around neck and connect to battery to enjoy cooler or heater everywhere. 
    *Low power consumption, E~Scarf allows 10,000mAH battery runs upto 12 Hrs. 
    *The Turbo-Mode allows Instant Chilling or Instant Warming setting feature. 
    * E~Scarf offers Healthy Neck body temperature conditioning and allows relaxing muscles with optimal body temperature everywhere and anywhere. 


    Cooling & Heating - 2 in 1 wearable neck Cooler + Heater. 
    Quick Setup - plug into USB power source or power bank to use. 
    Energy Saving - 10,000mAh powerbank runs upto 12 hours
    Safety design - Overcurrent and Overheat protection. No need for coolants, Ice or water.
    Intelligent design for adjustable neck size
    Turbo Mode - Instant system Enhanced cool/warm setting and Quick system cool/warm up time. 
    Mobility - Enjoy cool or warm relaxing neck therapy during work, travels, flying and everywhere.
    Health Enhancement - Relieve muscle, improve blood circulation. 


    > Product name: Wearable Cooler/Heater Electric Scarf          
    Normal Mode
     * Cooling Level: 8°C Lower than Ambient Temperature.
     * Heating Level: 20°C Lower than Ambient Temperature.
     * Run TIme : Up to 12 ~ 14 Hours (10,000mAh power bank)
     * Input: 0.6A, 3.0W
    > Power: 5V DC, Micro USB
    > Dimension: H4 x W17.1 x L17.3cm      
    Turbo Mode
       * Cooling Level : 10°C Lower than Ambient Temperature.
       * Heating Level : 25°C Lower than Ambient Temperature.
       * Run TIme : Up to 10 ~ 12 Hours (10,000mAh power bank)
       * Input: 0.6A, 3.0W
     Product Size        
      * Size S~M : Neck Size 26.3cm ~ 50cm            
      * Size L~XL : Neck Size 29.9cm ~ 53.6cm        
    Product Weight
      * Size S~M : 370gm                                               
      * Size L~XL : 325gm
    > Operation Ambient Temperature: -10~°C                                                                                                      
    > Color: Red/Yellow/White
    > Cooling Mode: LED Blue Light
    > Heating Mode: LED Orange Light                     
    > Control Panel: Cooling/Heating/Off