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  • Details:

    High performance. High quality.
    Super awesome feel

    Type significantly faster

    Type faster than you ever thought possible on this mechanical wonder. The addictive tactile feedback allows you to have a faster, more accurate typing experience.
    Gold plated switches provide the best contact and typing experience because, unlike other metals, gold does not rust and lasts over time.

    • Cherry MX mechanical key switches with gold contacts
    • Laser-etched key cap inscriptions to prevent fading
    • Media controls
    • Full n-key rollover with an included PS2 adapter, and 6 keys with USB
    • Enhanced 104-key layout
    • Two Windows keys

    Technical information
    • Glossy black upper enclosure with matching black USB cable – Darth Vader approved
    • Two-port USB hub 1.1 and 2.0 compatible
    • Blue LEDs
    • Extra long two-meter (6.6-foot) USB cable
    • Dimensions: 18in x 6.5in x 1in (thickest portion, feet not extended, 1.5in w/ extended feet)
    • Weight: 1.36 kg (3 lbs)
    • Compatible with PS/2 and USB KVM switches.
    • Bumps on F and J keys (home keys)